How well does the WRT54G compare to ALIX 2D3?

  • How do the ALIX boards (ALIX 2D3) compare to the WRT54G?

    The WRT54G only has a 216 MHz CPU and 8 (?) MB of RAM but the ALIX 2D3 has 500 MHz with 256 MB RAM.

    This makes me think that the ALIX will be 2x or 3x as fast as the WRT54G but I'm seeing tests showing the ALIX only handling up to about 30 MB/s of traffic.

    How does that compare to the WRT54G?

  • If you're opening up a fair bit of connections (think torrents) or need QoS that actually works, the Alix on pfSense is infinitely better than the WRT54G.  There are more factors than throughput alone.  A WRT54G will give you ~33Mbits/s WAN <-> LAN throughput but only for a single connection.  Raise the number of connections going through and you'll start to see the throughput drop.  Even with 3rd party firmware like DD-WRT, the WRT54G doesn't cope too well with large number of connections.

  • Should have no problem stomping the WRT54G into the ground in pretty much every metric. The CPU is considerably faster and I think the additional RAM makes a huge difference as well.

    Plus you get to run pfSense instead of dd-wrt, and it's obviously a lot more capable.

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