• Hi all,

    I have been using PFSense for over 2 years and so far its been a dream platform.  I tried to upgrade my 1.2.3RC about a month ago and everything went pear-shaped.  I had no choice but to backup and reinstall; not a big deal, done lots of them before so nothing to worry about.

    I did a nano install in an Alix board, everything seems to go ok, with no errors reported on Physdiskwrite.  On the initial bootup where I have to select which partition to boot, it just doesnt seem to get past the menu.  All I get is hashes being generated from there.  I have tried an install of MonoWall and also Zeroshell and they both work so the board is ok.  I have tried lots of snapshots  over the last month but everytime I get the same results.  I have two 2GB CF cards and they are all the same results.

    I have attached screen shots of my Alix Bios Config.  I would welcome if anyone can shed some light on this headbanger for me.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Go to this page:

    Download and update your ALIX's BIOS to .99h

    Instructions for CF installation is linked on that same page.  Once updated, your ALIX should boot the nanobsd image with no problem.

  • Thats is bang on!  My sincere gratitude!  You dont know how much stress you have saved me!

    It works like a dream now!

    Thank you!!!

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