• I searched on forums about routing but none helped me, I'm total newbie in this.
    Well, the situation is like this I have 2 wireless cards and one LAN, what I wan't to do is:
    lan -
    wireless1 - infrastructure -
    wirreless2 - ap -

    So since I can't use bridge on inf. mode, how can I connect all of them. I mean to make traffic flow from one to antoher.
    People suggeste me to create routes, but how should I do it?
    Please, any help would be good.

  • You can bridge the aireless card in AP mode to the wired LAN. For the wireless card  in infrastructure mode you have to use a seperate subnet (just don't bridge the interface and use a different subnetspace). pfSense will route between all directly connected subnets  automatically. You only have to set pass rules at the interfaces to allow traffic between them.

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