Accept any IP configuration settings from users

  • Ok guys, first, please excuse my bad English.
    Second, I'm sort of a newbie here, so please talk to my level.

    I am running pfsense 1.2.3-RC1 on my router, 3 interfaces - wan, lan (staff) + opt1 (customers).
    The router is serving a hotel, so I have DHCP enabled on my opt1 interface. Everything is working fine, have no problems with the setup, except… that I have a lot of customers in the hotel that are so dumb that they don't even understand what is that "automatic ip address"... or even "network setup"  to start with, so, very often, they are calling and complaining that the internet is not working: doohhhh    >:(
    I have seen somewhere that there is the possibility to setup the network in such a way that it can accept any ip configuration settings from the clients and provide them with internet access. Forgot what is called .. something like Internet Subscriber Gateway. I was wondering... Is it possible to do something like that with pfsense or do I need another machine between my router and opt1 interface ? It would be a lifesaver if you could provide me some solutions..

    Thanks in advance.

  • I might be talking out of my ass, but I think enabling UPnP makes pfSense report as an ISG.

  • No, I am sorry, but it seems that UPnP is not working for me.
    Anyone else maybe can help me ?
    Come on, guys, there must be some way of doing this..
    Please don't let me down :)

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