Anybody have Time Waner Fiber for ISP?

  • We're thinking of getting our building lit up with Time Warner Business Class fiber for dedicated internet (5mbx5mb).  Anybody here using them and/or have feedback?

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    That was slow regarding speed of the connection….. Here in Sweden we have 1000mbit....

  • Agreed - the state of broadband here in the US is sad.  The 5mb x 5mb I mentioned is going to cost us US$495 / month.  1000mbit here would run at least US$8,500 / month.

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    WTF!! I pay approx 125$ for 1gbit both ways….Crazy shit!! No wonder some people in the US are centuries behind............

  • Well, agreeing with all the complaints about speed and price here in the US, I do use TWC Fiber in West Hollywood, CA (LA), we also have the 5/5 and it is good so far, about 3 weeks,, took a while to turn it up, and the building already HAD other customers on fiber, Also I was a little surprised to see the put in a 24 port Zyxel switch in with the normal install.. this is what the fiber terminates in, and i ran my pfsense to one of the ports.  I have had to call support 1 times so far, and it was 8:00 AM EST so 5 in LA, and the called a tech and woke him up to help me, and even at that he was pleasant about it..

  • Good to hear - I managed to find the fiber support number on their site a few weeks back and was pleasantly surprised to find it answered by a real person on the second ring.  The guy (Ramon) informed me that they take the info, open the trouble ticket, and work it themselves.  Nice to know that the techs are still answering the phones somewhere.

    What are you paying for 5x5 and how long was your contract term?

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