NAT not working through virtual IPs

  • i have set up a new pfSense recently and almost everything works like a charm. i went from a WAN+LAN+OPT1 setup to just WAN+LAN in order to use traffic shaping, aside from the hardware (new machine, D945GCLF2 + intel desktop PCI LAN card) no major changes have been made. however after a failed backup/restore i have started from scratch, so due to the sheer number of changes made in the last few hours, please understand i can't remember everything i just did. if i had known i would have problems i probably would have documented things but, well.. such is the nature of hindsight.

    btw, i have read the guide at and yes i have deleted and recreated the rules.

    i have 4 IP addresses that route through an ADSL router in bridge mode connected directly to my pfSense, and 3 web/mail/FTP servers directly behind my pfSense. the first one works perfectly, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, IMAP, RDP have no issues. the other two that are routed to via virtual IPs fail on all of those protocols. this has gone from a working setup to a non-working setup after what is essentially a fresh install and the addition of the traffic shaper and the new pfSense now set up as a PPTP VPN server. i have tested all this from a machine outside this network and at least HTTP and IMAP/SMTP over 3G with my mobile phone, so it should not be a problem of NAT reflection.

    if anyone has any suggestions i would be most grateful. thanks in advance.

    edit: possibly should have mentioned;

    virtual IP settings are:

    WAN interface
    virtual IP password is set
    VHID is 1 and 2
    advertising frequency is 0 in both cases

  • fixed. not sure how, just glad it is! i've made so many changes in the last 2 days over so many reinstalls i can't be sure what fixed it but nevermind

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