Please help a noob

  • Hi. I wanted to know if pfsense is right for me. Here is my dilemma. I helped create a wifi system at a hotel. So the setup for this hotel was like

    Cable Modem to MAIN Router to switches - the switches connect to a wired connection in each room so the MAINrouter assigns the Ip addresses
                                                          - the switches also connect to four wireless routers (one per floor where the cable connects in a switch method so if someone connects to wireless the MAINrouter assigns the IP address)

    However, now the setup must be changed.

    The new setup should be such that when user connect either wired or wireless, they should be brought to a page where they agree to a Terms of Service and click I agree. They only need to do this once. Nothing else is needed. Basically, this requires a captive portal.

    However, is pfsense the right solution for this? If not, what would be something that is freeware or relatively cheap?

    If so, how is this going to be setup? Is the the MAINrouter here going to be replaced with the computer with 2 NICs running pfsense?

    Thank you!

  • Captive Portal

    You'll find a forum on the subject further down.

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