• Yes this topic has been asked before and so on.

    WAN - Static Public IP
    LAN -
    WLAN -

    But this is a question i can't really find any info about.

    Everything is working great, i have a server on that handles some domains. And you can't reach that of course unless you have Nat Reflection on.
    Now to my question.

    Everyone on WLAN can access the domains as normal, no problem there
    Everyone on LAN can access the domains as normal except my stupid Windows 7 box. I have no firewall activated, no weird services, it's a freshly installed machine. If i play with the DNS forwarder then it works for my win7 computer too, but its 12 domains and 28 subdomains. It's a bit booring to add everyone >_<

    Anyone know anything about this stupid issue?

  • Nevermind this, i forgot the windows world..

    I rebooted and it worked again >_<

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