SquidGuard + Caching

  • Hello, i'm using pfsense (stable) with squid + squidGuard in transparent mode (for content filter proxy using blacklists) without disk caching on squid. Server is using about 30% memory capacity/cpu.

    Problem is this, when i add some new URL or Domain for the Whitelist (on squidGuard) and then apply changes and restart the service, during certain time (more than 5-10 minutes i guess) i still get Access Deny when trying to get those URLs/Domains. Certainly is not the caching over web browser (i clean it everytime i try, and i test with other browsers too). After that time (maybe 5-10 minutes) the page is loaded fine, without being rejected or denied by the proxy.

    Is there some kind of "memory caching" in squidGuard over the URLs that takes a while to refresh or so?. Any ideas about why that could happen?.

  • SquidGuard dont have memory cache, this is a squid property. Try restart Squid, not SquidGuard.

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