New pre-shared key never applied?

  • When I change the pre-shared key for an identifier, in IPsec/pre-shared keys, the button 'apply changes' comes up. If I navigate to 'mobile clients' tab I see the same 'button' there and if navigating back to 'pre-shared keys' the button there is back.

    What's up? Hasn't pfS applied the change or do I have to press it on both tabs? If so, that's a potential problem since it's quite possible that someon making the change doesn't visit the 'mobile clients' tab before leaving the admin page.

    PS: I cannot now verify through connection if key is changed, hence the question.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I can't reproduce this on 1.2.3-RC3

    What version are you using?

  • 1.2.3-RC1

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Could you update to a recent RC3 snapshot and try again?;O=D

  • I now have applied "pfSense-Full-Update-1.2.3-20091004-0733" and behavour seems the same, but maybe that's by default? If I edit passwdord I have to press 'apply' and then do the same on 'mobile clients' page too.

    If doing that button won't still be there when returning to 'preshared keys' tab.

    It is however more serious (for me) that captive portal still doesn't work….

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    When I edit a pre-shared key, I only get an apply button on the PSK tab. Once I hit apply there, it does not show back up if I click over to the Mobile Clients tab or back to the PSK tab.

  • I have checked this yet again, 3 times in a row actually and behavior is consistent.

    When I edit a key on tab 'pre-shared keys' and press 'save', I get the 'apply' button on same tab.
    I press that 'apply' button. This should be it I guess.

    I then get directed to first tab 'tunnels' when page reloads. Nothing looks weird here.

    If I at this point go to 'mobile clients' there is an 'apply' button there too.
    And if going back to 'pre-shared keys' the button is re-appearing there.

    If I press the one at 'mobile clients' tab there's no button on any of the 4 tabs afterwards.

    As soon as the one on 'mobile clients' is pressed the other one dissapears, regardless in what order the tabs have been viewed in between.

    So I indeed do have to press an 'apply..' button on 2 different tabs it seems.
    I don't have mobile clients nor tunnels active when doing this.

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