FreeSWITCH public dialplan example for voicemail

  • Hi,

    Recently got the basics of FS working (after pfS upgrade) and some help on IRC, thanks.

    I then tried to get get voicemail working and asked a few questions about this, couldn't see any comments so did some googling. To my surprise it seems one has to do quite a lot of manual work to get this kind of basic feature working. Just as one can get to extention voicemail menu internally by being registered through that extention and simply dialling *98 I thought that perhaps simply adding enough info in extention settings would make voicemail enabled and functioning (like filling in voicemail @ in Askozia automatically enables the voicemail for the extention in Askozia without any additional settings at all).

    I did however after some testing seem to get my voicemail working, including attachments via email.

    Needles to say I think info about this kind of task should be more easily accessible, in FS-docs somewhere (or automatically added by script somehow perhaps in FS itself). If there are any examples out there on FS site I didn't find them.

    Below is a screenshot of my settings for one extention. These settings seem to work and caller ends up in voicemail after some time of not picking up and if extention is not registered.

    I'm interested in comments on my settings, perhaps this could be done with other settings or perhaps there are problems or drawbacks with settings I've used? I was a bit surprised that I ended up with 6 actions to get this working, but maybe that's needed to do it properly?


  • The method you did with bridge is an option but there are easier ways.

    If you do a transfer instead of the bridge it automatically will go to voicemail if the call is not answered or registered. A transfer runs through the dialplan and would be picked up by Local_Extension and it would have all the settings to send the call to voicemail as expected.

    Another easy approach would be to send the call to a hunt group and make the timeout option go to voicemail.

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