Bridge LAN and OPT1 passing DHCP?

  • Hello all, i am having some issue yet again!!

    I have pfsense setup as dual WAN working fantastically. It is hosted on a Vmware ESXI and is connected via three VLAN's to a DD-WRT router which has two WAN connections on VLAN 11+12, both these intefaces are bridged on there routers so pfsense get's the external IP's directly on it's interfaces. It is also directly connected to our internal network where it operates as gateway, but not DHCP server, this network is in the subnet, with an SBS2008 server doing DHCP. All if this works really well.

    Now what i am trying to is connect the OPT2 connection to the WLAN connection on the DD-WRT box which is on VLAN 13. Now i have this working as far as if i enable the DHCP server on pfsense on the OPT2 (WLAN) interface the wireless client gets an ip address in the correct subnet (, however they do not have net access even though i have created a pass all rule sending the traffic to our WAN failover pool gateway. I have also tried bridging the LAN and WLAN interfaces and disabling the DHCP server of pfsense but no matter what rules i create in the WLAN firewall i cannot get any traffic to pass across to the LAN and the clients never get an IP.

    In both setups i am also unable to ever access the pfsense gateway on either it's LAN or WLAN interface ip addresses.

    I hope that makes sense, if not let me know and i shall try to explain it a little more clearly.

    Could someone please point me in the direction of where i am going so very very wrong!!



  • Oh sorry i forgot to mention that i am using pfsense 1.2.2 Thu Jan 8 22:30:24.

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