Shared web hosting and virtual hosts with squid and lightsquid.. or ?

  • Hello everyone,

    We are trying to setup a bandwidth monitoring system on our servers. Our setup is as follow :

    LAN VLAN (default vlan)

    Hope this is not too confusing, it's a simple setup really, (we do have a second pfsense syncing with the first one and sharing a virtual IP)

    Anyway, the goal would be to monitor the bandwidth consumed by each virtual host we have on different servers behind pfsense. So i thought it would be possible to use squid, make it listen on the WAN link, configure it in transparent mode and use lightsquid to process the logs and get the information we needed.

    I have tried playing with the different options but the only thing i managed to get was traffic on the lan link (when i binded Squid to the lan link after trying the wan without success)

    Is it even possible to achieve what I want doing it this way or should i more try to implement something with the netflow package ?

    Thanks for your help !

    edit : Would a setup like that be dangerous ?

  • I'm sorry to bump this thread guys but does anyone have any ideas on how to achieve the kind of monitoring we would like ?

    Thanks for any tips anyone could give me  ;D

  • Maybe some of this will help?,19496.0.html

    Also try searching as this has been brought up before…unless you're trying to see which WAN IPs are getting the most traffic?  Maybe you can run something on each web server.  I'm not very knowledgeable in that regard.

  • Heh and thanks for the links.

    What we are trying to do is monitor WAN to LAN. Kinda like a reverse lightsquid in order to see what websites that we are host consume the most bandwitdh.

    We are using bandwithD but that only shows the traffic by IP adress and not by virtualhost, unfortunately, darkstat shows even less details :(

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