Help:: Pfsense 1.2.2 with 30 vlan and traffic shaper

  • I'm thinking to use pfsense in a unusual situation:
    (unusual because is a medium company :)

    cisco 2950 -(trunk)–-> 30 Vlan -(lan)---> Pfsense -(wan)---> Router ADSL (20Mbps)

    every Vlan use about 10 pc for standard office automation (total 10*30= 300pc)
    (in this moment I don't know total Bandwidth consumption)

    pfsense must only nat and provide a basic protection from outside interface,
    no particolar rule from Lan (just 2 o 3 Network use Nat 1to1 with dedicated public ip),
    and very important …. traffic shaping.

    Could tell me someone if pfsense can make this?
    Have a good performance?
    Can I use Pfsense in HA?
    Hardware: Ram, Cpu, Disk, ethernet adapter (brand?)?

    thank you in advance!!!!

  • Why not?
    You just need enough ram, a reasonably fast cpu and quality interface cards (PCI-e based Intel NICs are a good choice).
    That is, provided the pfSense box is not required to handle any of the routing between vlans as you mentioned.

  • Hi dreamslacker, wow..  very good!

    I'm testing in lab on IBM xserver x226 - 1 Intel Xeon /1GB ram/sas 150GB mirror raid
    with on board broadcom (wan interface) and a old 3com 10/100 (lan interface)

    I have to configure pfsense for obtain bandwidth management,
    I must allocate equals bandwidth for each Vlan..
    I'm testing this… but unfortunately ..don't wants apply my rule..

    pls.. tell me if is correct:
    menu -> firewall -> traffic shaper -> pfSense Traffic Shaper Wizard
    and go to Setup network speeds ( interface: vlanXX and set adequate download/upload kbs)
    this for each Vlan interface... is ok?

    thx !!

    I look forward to your kind reply.

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