SquidGuard Issues

  • Hello

    What I want to do is to allow one host to have access to everything while the rest are filtered by some categories that I deny.
    I did the following:
    In the Default tab (Default destinations), I denied access to some categories and allowed the "Default access".
    In the ACL tab, I created a rule with a source IP of my host's and changed "Default access" to "allow" under the "Destination ruleset".
    But that didn't do what I want, as the host didn't get access to everything but is filtered like the rest of the hosts.

    Am I doing something wrong ?

    Another question: What is meant by overtime in "Destination rules in overtime" ?


  • If ACL not applied to you host - check source in ACL once more.

    Another question: What is meant by overtime in "Destination rules in overtime" ?

    If you use Time in ACL - then basic rules(left columns) work in selected time.
    Extended rules aka "Destination rules in overtime" work running out of selected Time.

    If you not use Time - in ACL, then "Destination rules in overtime" will ignore.

  • My host is, is there anything more than putting in "Source IP adresses and domains" ?

    This is the configuratoin: http://lostspirits.org/~nore/shot.png

  • It's correct and mast work. Click Apply button and check Error messages in log gui (1-t page).

  • Can you find something from this ?

    04.10.2009 23:46:41 : sg_reconfigure_user_db: Begin with '/var/db/squidGuard'
    04.10.2009 23:46:41 : sg_reconfigure_user_db: Add user entries
    04.10.2009 23:46:41 : sg_reconfigure_user_db: – add Blocked_Stuff domains 'youtube.com facebook.com';
    04.10.2009 23:46:42 : sg_rebuild_db: Begin with path '/var/db/squidGuard'.
    04.10.2009 23:46:42 : sg_create_simple_config: Begin with dbhome='/var/db/squidGuard'.
    04.10.2009 23:46:42 : sg_create_simple_config: -- added item 'usr_Blocked_Stuff' = '/var/db/squidGuard/Blocked_Stuff'.
    04.10.2009 23:46:42 : sg_redirector_base_url: Select redirector base url ( 404&a=%a&n=%n&i=%i&s=%s&t=%t&u=%u)
    04.10.2009 23:46:42 : sg_rebuild_db: Create temporary config '/tmp/squidGuard_rebuild.conf_usrdb'.
    04.10.2009 23:46:42 : sg_rebuild_db: Started SH script '/tmp/squidGuard_db_rebuild.sh_usrdb'.
    04.10.2009 23:46:43 : sg_create_config: add times:
    04.10.2009 23:46:43 : sg_create_config: add sources:
    04.10.2009 23:46:43 : sg_create_config: add blacklist entries
    04.10.2009 23:46:44 : sg_create_config: added:
    blk_BL_adv; blk_BL_aggressive; blk_BL_alcohol; blk_BL_automobile_bikes; blk_BL_automobile_boats; blk_BL_automobile_cars; blk_BL_automobile_planes; blk_BL_chat; blk_BL_costtraps; blk_BL_dating; blk_BL_downloads; blk_BL_drugs; blk_BL_dynamic; blk_BL_education_schools; blk_BL_finance_banking; blk_BL_finance_insurance; blk_BL_finance_moneylending; blk_BL_finance_other; blk_BL_finance_realestate; blk_BL_fortunetelling; blk_BL_forum; blk_BL_gamble; blk_BL_government; blk_BL_hacking; blk_BL_hobby_cooking; blk_BL_hobby_games-misc; blk_BL_hobby_games-online; blk_BL_hobby_gardening; blk_BL_hobby_pets; blk_BL_homestyle; blk_BL_hospitals; blk_BL_imagehosting; blk_BL_isp; blk_BL_jobsearch; blk_BL_library; blk_BL_military; blk_BL_models; blk_BL_movies; blk_BL_music; blk_BL_news; blk_BL_podcasts; blk_BL_politics; blk_BL_porn; blk_BL_recreation_humor; blk_BL_recreation_martialarts; blk_BL_recreation_sports; blk_BL_recreation_travel; blk_BL_recreation_wellness; blk_BL_redirector; blk_BL_religion; blk_BL_remotecontrol; blk_BL_ringtones; blk_BL_science_astronomy; blk_BL_science_chemistry; blk_BL_searchengines; blk_BL_sex_lingerie; blk_BL_shopping; blk_BL_socialnet; blk_BL_spyware; blk_BL_tracker; blk_BL_updatesites; blk_BL_violence; blk_BL_warez; blk_BL_weapons; blk_BL_webmail; blk_BL_webphone; blk_BL_webradio; blk_BL_webtv;

    04.10.2009 23:46:44 : sg_redirector_base_url: Select redirector base url ( Access Denied&a=%a&n=%n&i=%i&s=%s&t=%t&u=%u)
    04.10.2009 23:46:44 : sg_create_config: add destinations:
    04.10.2009 23:46:44 : sg_create_config: add rewrites: success safesearch;
    04.10.2009 23:46:44 : sg_create_config: add ACL's:
    04.10.2009 23:46:44 : sg_create_config: add Default
    04.10.2009 23:46:44 : sg_redirector_base_url: Select redirector base url ( Access Denied. The mind is a terrible thing to waste.&a=%a&n=%n&i=%i&s=%s&t=%t&u=%u)
    04.10.2009 23:46:44 : sg_reconfigure: save squidGuard config to '/usr/local/etc/squidGuard/squidGuard.conf'.
    04.10.2009 23:46:44 : squid_reconfigure: Remove old redirector options from Squid config.
    04.10.2009 23:46:44 : squid_reconfigure: Add new redirector options to Squid config.

  • How can I replace the default error/not found page ?
    I think it's in Armenian or something..
    "Պահանջվող URL չի կարող առաքվել…."

    And i'm still not sure what it is. Is it an error page ? I can't understand the language...

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