My Head is wrecked…need some guidance!

  • I have a setup in a clients business…basically the following

    VLAN10 = NIC - EM1 - WAN - PPPOE
    VLAN20 = NIC - EM1 - WAN2 (OPT1) - STATIC
    VLAN30 = NIC - EM1 - VOICEIP (OPT2) - STATIC (

    NIC - EM0 LAN - STATIC (

    And this is working fine, with multiWAN going out on WAN & WAN2 based on happy next little project is to setup a Captive Portal and i setup VLAN50 on the Cisco Catalyst 2950G....and setup the VLAN on pfSense.

    I then configured the DHCP server to dish out IPs ( all is well, the laptop gets the lease from pfSense via the Wireless Access Point...i just have the 1 rulemon the WIRELESS (OPT3) which is an allow everything...

    The problem is the laptop gets the lease....the DNS Forwarder is resolving for it...but I am getting no routing out through either WAN or WAN2.....i've setup Advanced Outbound NAT to force it out on different Interface IPs... but nothing..

    It does route from WIRELESS to LAN (which is something i don't want long term)...and can access anything on the LAN...but no internet access at all. I am literally at my wits end, as what should have been a relatively simple task..has turned into a nightmare....can anyone help me go in the right direction....any hints/tips/walkthroughs/howtos as are any have you checked this and this....are greatly appreciated.


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