Firewalling on pfsense

  • Hi, I have installed DNS Blacklist on PfSense and also clicked on the categores which I wanted to block the access to amd restarted the dnsmasq services as required. Inspite of this I can access the sites / categories which I have bloced in DNS Blacklist.

    Is there any other settings to be carried out to enable catergorywise website blocking (for eg Online Games & Gambling).

  • Are your clients using pfSense as their DNS server?  Are they using a proxy?

  • no just now pfsense is just used as a gateway and  have defined my ISP DNS on pfsense eth2. clients gateway is defined as pfsense system and there is no proxy at the moment.

  • Well, the DNS blacklist can't work if it's not being used.  You need to configure the clients to use the pfSense server as their DNS server.

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