OLSRD crashing

  • I'm seeing this on a couple of WRAP boards:

    Aug 30 01:01:03 kernel: pid 961 (olsrd), uid 0, was killed: out of swap space

    It seems that OLSR only runs for a couple of days before this happens.  The WRAP boards have 64MB of memory, and every time I've logged in to them, I only see memory usage at around 50%.

  • 64mb machines are not supported anymore. See http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,1712.0.html . Things like that can be expected when running with only 64 mb RAM.

  • Thanks for pointing out the 128MB WRAP's…I didn't know they existed (shows you how long ago I ordered my current boards).  I also only ordered the 1 LAN model, which is still limited to 64MB of memory.

    New question: If all I'm running on a 64MB WRAP is dhcpd and olsrd, couldn't that be supported in some way?  I have no other services or features enabled (firewalling, NAT, traffic shaping...).  I mean, come on...if olsrd can run on a Linksys WRT54G, surely it should be able to run on a system with 16 times the memory...  ::)

    It seems to me the issue is more with the web gui eventually crashing.  I'm wondering if there's a memory leak somewhere, since each of my nodes continually escalates memory usage until it runs out entirely.

  • 64 megs does not run, period.  The webConfigurator is not designed to do so.

    No it cannot be easily changed and we do not have plans to do so.

    64 megabye machines need m0n0wall, period.

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