Routing between 2 internal networks

  • Hi, I have a network configuration that is some how like this:

    As you see, I have a pfSense from one side(network 172.16.15.x), and a Vyatta from the other side(network 172.16.5.x). I have a default installation on the pfSense side, and some rules that let me access the web interface from the vyatta side.

    People on network 172.16.15.x can reach all the people on the 172.16.5.x, but not vice-versa, people on network 172.16.5.x can't reach people on 172.16.15.x

    Here are my WAN rules:

    Here are my LAN rules:

    In Outbound I have "Automatic outbound NAT rule generation…

    any help would be appreciated..

    best regards,
    -eduardo s.m.

  • WAN:
    Destination "WAN address" means exactly that.
    You allow access with your first two rules to the IP of the pfSense. Nothing more.
    If you want to allow access from the first two subnets to the LAN on the pfSense you have to set as destination: "LAN net"
    Also dont forget to set on the vyatta side a static route for the 172.16.15.x/24 subnet pointing to

    What are your rules 3 and 4 for?

    Basically delete your first 4 rules. They dont do anything.
    The last rule you have allows everything in your LAN to the WAN.

    You also need to make sure you have a static route on the pfSense for the 172.16.3.x/24 pointing to

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