New on pfsense - need hardware advice

  • im thinking in custom building a pfsense appliance with snort. i have some questions regarding hardware compatibility and setup (i ve seen the compatibility list). so here we go:

    1. my first question is that if AMD 780G, nvidia 8200, 945GC, ION and CNxxx(via) chipsets are compatible with pfsense. they are not listed in the list but i've read that many motherboards not present in the list are compatible.

    2. Are atom, ion etc technologies (>1GHz)with 2 gb ram able to handle pfsense with snort inline performance-speed wise?

    3. many mini-itx motherboards have only 1 pci slot. if i put two nics in one pci slot using a riser card, will they be recognised normally by the os or a driver/hardware conflict may exist? Is the bandwidth of the pci slot adequate to handle 2 nics?

    thnx for your time

    1. Generally yes, it may simple be that some features aren't supported (eg audio)

    2/3) As I'm fond of saying "maybe" - without knowing what kinds of bandwidth, traffic profiles and number of users there isn't a simple yes/no answer

    1. You would be better going with a dual port NIC

  • dual port nics are way too expensive. cheapest one i found in uk is 125 pounds an intel gigabit one (PRO/1000 MT). couldnt find a 10/100. no need of gigabit for firewall.

  • A few years ago I picked up a couple of dual port 10/100 Intel NIC cards on Ebay for a very good price. They are still going strong. I haven't looked lately so can't comment on current availability.

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