How do i get in on the NEW Traffic shaper bounty on RC1.2.3?

  • i am referring to this thread here:,2718.0.html

    i cannot post on it but need to use it in a production environment (CANNOT risk 2.0) where i have multiple LAN/ single WAN and IPSEC (possibly future openvpn) vpn's

    i have a couple of little questions,
    first of all, if i get this enhanced shaper, when 2.0 (or any other) upgrade comes out will anything be broken or will it just continue to work?
    will it work with carp?
    and, how do i add to the bounty?

    love your work guys,
    thanks in advance

  • Same as above….

  • @pippolini:

    Same as above….

    can anyone help us out here? i want to donate to the project in exchange for the new bounty.

    i tried running 2.0 BUT, i cannot migrate my 1.2.3rc1 over to it. even tried restoring only certain sections.
    please, all i need is the new shaper on the more stable RC.

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