Complete failure to forward ports 745+746 - part 1

  • Hi
    I've completely failed to set up what I thought would be a really simple system

    Basically a dedicated private link to the WAN port which should only accept ports 745 + 746. Everything else is denied.
    Port 745 forwards to OPT1 ( and 746 to OPT2 ( The LAN port is used for config only.
    The idea is that the two OPT ports connect to individual PC's ( & on each of which runs a SFTP server. One is a backup for the other and no other machines are on these networks.

    Fundamental problem I have is that no matter what I do, according to the logs, the incoming traffic is being denied by the 'default deny rule'.
    Currently only the WAN and OPT2 ports are configured. Here's what I have done- cut back to the basics (which don't work).

    WAN  - Configured to only pass ports 745 + 746
    OPT2 - Configured to pass anything
    NAT  - Configured to move ports 0 - 5000 to OPT2 port 746  sftp serbvers address

    Connected to the WAN is a notebook (no firewall) running Filezilla which I use to test the connection. It says 'Connection timed out'.
    PFsense logs show 'default deny rule' with every combination of rules etc I try.

    Can anyone help me out with this?
    Pics attached of the configs.


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