500 - Internal Server Error on Embedded PFsense

  • I've been having some issues with my network over the last few days where large numbers of sites simply don't load (e.g. gmail). Tried everything I could think of, then checked in PFSense and noticed in the auto updates area there was an update available.

    Clicked the "apply update". Got the screen - update being applied - pfsense will boot when finished. This killed the net but pings to the pfsense box still worked. After 20 minutes I power cycled the pfsense box. The net now works again (many sites still failing) but I now get a message "500 - Internal Server Error" when trying to browse to the pfsense website.

    I'm running PFsense embedded on an Alix 2-3 system. From memory, it was pfsense 1.23 but I can't check at the moment (of course).

    Any suggestions on how to fix this??

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