Wan-gateway always down

  • I have a big problem with 7.2 and 8.8 with wan-gateway always down. I think because of this automatic connect to my provider is not done.
    Even when I'm connected its down.

    Is there anyone outside who has the same problem or has a fix for it?

    Even new install without any package or change shows "Gateway down".

  • Well…  To begin with, more info on your setup might get you better results / answers, but I'll offer what I can:

    IF you're running PPPoE connection on WAN, a simple forum search would have brought you to this answer:

    If not, do you collect a public IP from a bridging modem, or a private one from a NATing Router, on the WAN interface?
    If behind NAT, do you have admin access on the router?  Set your router to respond to ping, and you should be good.  Some default to not respond.

    If NOT behind NAT (public IP on WAN iface), you likely don't have admin access to the "Gateway" router, as it belongs to your ISP.  You'll have to add an alternate monitor IP in the System -> Routing -> Gateway for the WAN connection, that WILL respond to ping, if that is the problem.

    Try these, USE THE SEARCH, and add info to your request based on your current setup, intended setup, and such...

  • Thanks for your answer…

    ...but the missing tcpmssfix is installed yet a while. Without this or editing interfaces.inc I was not even able to connect. This problem doesn't exist.

    I can ping my router from wan-side, I have a dyndns-account which works fine. Some people have access to my net. The alternate monitor-adress shows my external adress (WAN-adress from provider), so this seems to be right. I have no rule forbiddind icmp to my router from internet.

    I don't have another router between my pfsense and provider, only a cable-modem. I'm on a 100Mbit-fiberoptic line connected to my provider which ends just in house, so no other hardware between me and the next fiberoptic hop somwhere in town.

    Yes, my WAN-connection is via PPPOE.

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