Squid + squidguard retuning empty pages

  • I have pfSense set up at my and I really like it so far.  But this one problem keeps coming up.

    For some reason when I go to facebook it just pulls up a blank page if i'm signed in and if i'm not signed it it will fail to log me in.

    If I turn off squidquard, facebook continues to do that same thing.

    If I turn off squid facebook will function as normal.

    I have created my own Whitelist for squidguard and added facebook.com to it and that hasn't seemed to fixed the problem either.

    I have also tried to tell Squid not to cache facebook.com and I still run into an empty page. If I do a view source on the empty page it shows nothing.

    That status bar on the page says it has finished loading.

    The odd thing is that facebook does work occasionally.

    Please let me know what you think.

    Michael Lindvall

  • By you message - this is a squid poblem. Try clear squid cache (delete cache dirs and call squid -z)

  • Thanks.  That seems to have fixed my issue so far.  I will continue to test it this week.


    Michael Lindvall

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