Failover problem: One gateway pingable from the other WAN.

  • I studied and learned that you should set up the gateway or an ip in the ISP's network as pingable in the load balancing and failover pools.

    Nothing bad here. But I get those "weird results" because the OPT1's gateway is pingable from the WAN. Even if right now my ISP from OPT1 has connection problems, the gateway is pingable.

    So basically, everything is green in the balancing pools, even if one ISP has no internet connection. What should I do?

  • If your ISP itself has connection problems there's not much you can do to fix that ;)

    You could try to find out the IPs of your ISPs carriers routers and use these as monitor.
    (Basically the ISP of your ISP :D )

  • Yes but that's exactly it, it rarely happens that that the connection between me and the ISP fails (it is very direct).
    That's why I made the failover. So basically that's all I can do, get the ip of them somehow.

  • Change the pingable ip of all the ISP to an OpenDNS Server.
    Lke or

    ITs better to keep an ISP's IP.But as you are facing these issues .Its better try these.
    One more thing, do you have a router from ur ISP. If that is the case then your pingable IP may be of the router, which is set next to pfsense and after router there is no connectivity.

    Check that.

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