DHCP over IPsec

  • I've searched around the forum, without any success and there's been much headbanging against the table. My problem is just about identical to the closed thread at http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,14571.msg77154.html#msg77154

    Two pfSense box's over the Internet, near side running dhcpd on a linux server, and the far side running DHCrelay on the pfsense box. It will not work. My testing environment has both pfSense boxes cabled directly to each other with a "fake Internet" and both boxes are running 1.2.3-RC2. Watching the dhcpd log, it shows the request for the IP from the relay on the far side, but the answer never goes back to the requesting station.

    I see that so far this is a dead topic but it just won't work, and this is a real show-stopper for using pfSense in the environments that we had hoped.

    Requests are getting to the DHCP server and it responds back to the MAC address of the requesting station

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