Routing between multiple interfaces.

  • Hi All,

    If this has been answered before please direct me to the relevant topic, but I have searched, and can't find anything that seems to relate to my issue.

    I'm new to pfsense, and reasonably new to routing and firewall configuration, so any help would be reall appreciated.

    I have pfsense installed on an old HP box, which has the onboard 100Mb NIC, and 3 TP Link 1Gb NICs.
    The onboard NIC is the WAN Interface, and then I have the 3gig NICs as 3 seperate interfaces as follows:

    Wan IP= Gateway mask
    Lan= 10.2.1.x mask DHCp enabled
    LAN2 = 10.2.2.x mask DHCP enabled
    LAN3= 10.2.3.x mask DHCP enabled.

    The only firewall rules I have is the default rule on the LAN interface, and I have mimiced that rule on LAN2 and LAN3.
    All devices can connect to the internet fine, and I have set up port forwarding rules where I require them.

    My problem is I am not getting any communication between the LAN interfaces, ie. I can't ping between LAN and LAN2 or LAN3, and vice versa.

    Any help you can give would be really helpful, as I have been trying to work this out for about 2 weeks, and it is really starting to frustrate me.

    If you need anymore info please ask, and ill do my best to explain, or put up pictures, but like I said, I'm pretty new to all of this, so don't really know what other info would be useful.

    Thanks for your help

  • Can you show screenshots of the rules you have on LAN/LAN2/LAN3

  • Screenshots attached.

    After a bit more testing, I can ping from LAN3, where my laptop sits, to LAN, but not the other way.

  • Sorry for wasting everyone's time. The system has now made a liar out of me. Everything seems to be working as it should today. I haven't changed anything, which has confused me even more, but while it works, ill go with it

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