Use of USB Stick on ALIX2D13 with pfsense1.2.3-embedded

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm pretty new to the pfsense-business, but it works very nice for me as far as I've tried it out. there's just one it that I would like to change…

    I run pfsense as an internet-server on an ALIX2D13 in the embedded version on a 4GB CF-card with multiple WLAN-Clients assossiated. I know that there are several system logs written under /var/logs. Since on embedded system they will be erased on power failure/ reset, I would like to store them on an external device. The ALIX-board has an USB port, so this would be my first choice.

    So here's the questions I have (google & forum search couldn't quite answer it):

    1. How do I setup pfsense to mount the USB-stick at boot?
    2. How do I change pfsense to store the logs on the USB-stick instead of the standard log-directory?

    Any help is highly welcome... (the more detailed the better, since I'm not too familiar with BSD).


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