Multi Wan and Speeds

  • I would like to build a WAN system that contains as many NIC's as Possible.  However, I can only put two ports per PCI slot, so i seem to be limited.  Is there decently cheap server software that can accomplish this task?  Also for going ~100mbit/s (Combined on torrents or other software) how fast should the CPU and Ram be on the server?  Thanks for the help guys! Love the forum.

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    What do you want to do??? Hence the need for as manyu NIC's as pssible….

    Why not VLAN??

  • See the RAM and CPU requirement depends on how many users will be working beehind pfsense.

  • Will each NIC be connected to a separate modem, or are all of the WAN connections going out through the same cat5 line (like the internet accounts at my apartment building)?

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