IPSEC Tunnel with NAT on local ip

  • Hello,

    I am in desperate help of setting up an IPSEC tunnel. I know all the settings, except one thing. The other end wants me to identifiy myself with another IP than my computer on my end has.

    MY local computer:
    MY local PfSense:

    Local Subnet: (The IP They want me to identitify as)
    Remote Gateway: (WAN Ipadress)
    Remote Subnet: (The IP i'm trying to communicate with)

    I think this is the right setup? The only problem is now. How do i get the traffic rom to be routed to the IPSEC tunnel, and have source ip of The ipsec tunnel isn't even started when not having my real local ip as local subnet.

  • I beleive you are trying to Policy NAT, which pfSense cannot do at this time (1.2.2). I am not sure in what version, but I heard that functionality will be added in the future.
    Once it is, pfSense will replace my Cisco HW, but I fear it will be a very long wait.

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