Carp… I have looked but no succes....

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    All the answers include loadbalancing and I dont need that…

    CARP. 2 identical PFsense box'es sharing one external IP address. There can be only one... This IP should be "shared" on both WAN's.

    LAN is the std. gateway on both.

    The 2 WAN are linked to an HP2650 Switch which uses VLANS. Therefore the Link from the ISP and the 2 WAN on the box'es are on the same VLAN.

    How should this be setup??? The CARP guide utilizes 3 public IP's, but that has LB as well...

    What to do??

  • As far as i know each box needs a 'real' wan ip which for carp ha would require a minimum of 3 wan ips from your isp, 1 virtual 2 physical.

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