Error in application: "disk or network error (Error 3043)", pfSense blocking?

  • Got this error:

    disk or network error (Error 3043)

    I just installed pfsense in my network last 2 months ago and everything works fine and okey. And until yesterday when i install the shortcut icon of my database file.  When I open my database shortcut icon, it displays an error message says "disk or network error (Error 3043)".

    Is it possible that the pfsense firewall is blocking the connection from the database to clients workstation?

    BTW, here's the setup of my network:


  • Which of the 2 client workstations on your diagram are you referring to?

    If the 192.168.2.x clients then yes - pfSense sits between them and the database server.  If the 192.168.0.x clients then no.

  • yes client workstations 192.168.2.x. is the firewall blocking the connections? 
    How and where can i configure it?

  • Examine the firewall settings on the interface (LAN?) of pfSense - it may be that you have a rule blocking it.  It could also be that your shortcut relies on NetBIOS, which is broadcast based and hence won't work with a routed network without a little help.  Without knowing more, it's all guesswork though ;)

  • I already check the Firewall Rules and i added the ip address of the database server which is  I put 2 rules:
          1. Source = any and destination =
          2. Source = and destination = any

    I tried running the shortcut, still it has the same error message.

    What are other possible problems why i have this error message?

    How can i resolve this issue?


  • I've already mentioned other possible problems - search my previous reply for NetBIOS ;)

    Did you put rule (1) on the 192.168.2.x network interface?  Is it before any other rules?

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