A backup line

  • Hi all,

    My problem is that i need a back up line. My situation is the following:
    2 lines (1 highspeed, 1 lowspeed)
    on the first line there are serveral PC's
    on the second line there are also (diffrent) serveral pc's

    When a line don't have any connection with the internet, the pc's from that line must connect with the second internet line. But the biggest problem is, when the line has connection again, the pc's must get the internet from the head line.

    ( I hope you wil understand it, my english is not so good)

    The red line is the connection, when the head internetline isn't connected.
    If the headline is connected again, he must connect with his headline and not with the second line.

    How can i configure that with pfsense?

  • Start by reading this: http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/MultiWanVersion1.2
    You'll have to modify things a bit as it sounds like you want two WANs and two LANs. (Your picture link is broken) Look around in the routing and multi-wan forum, there is lots of info there.

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