How to handle this network layout(P2P+Pfsense)

  • Hi my friends.

    I have at the company 2 offices, the get connected over a P2P(T1), during some hours of the day link gets very busy, in 1 of the offices we have Gentoo with OpenVPN, that I use to access the network from home.

    I was thinking to use it and make some came of load-balance between both offices.

    The network I have in mind is in the atach image.

    If can see, u just remove the pfsense and is my current network, not to complex right?

    Well, the goal is to make some came of load balance in office B, there is where most of the users are and the proxy+mail are in the other side, I mean officeA, they have to cross the P2P  to read emails+access the web.

    U can say that, why don't u just move the servers, well officeA is in USA, officeB is in Mexico, I prefer to avoid the energy failures that time to time happen in MX side.

    Now, back to the layout, right now the GW in officeB is the router(, all the traffic that goes to officeA ( goes to this router.

    I was thinking that, if I setup pfsense, I could get a dsl connection(4MB) in MX, connect this dls to the pfsense, make the pfsense the default gateway and control all the connections from officeB and use the DSL to move some traffic from the P2P, maybe www, or mail over the VPN between officeA && officeB.

    Last thing, I forget to add our PBX, the routers pass DATA+VOICE between our PBX one on each side.

    Well, hope to be clear, how can I make this possible, or if u have a better way let me know please, I will appreciated, thanks!!!

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