Multi-WAN and one LAN

  • Hello Pfsense users,

    I'm using Pfsense almost for a year just with basic setup (one WAN link and one LAN, sometimes a WAN/WIFI/LAN setup).
    These days I got a challenge ahead, I have 3 networks cards on the server and this structure:
    WAN: DSL Link
    OPT1: Cable Link

    I want to separate the traffic, example: -> WAN -> OPT1 -> WAN and OPT1

    On case I need that because some sites just work with OPT1.
    What the best way to do that?
    I was thinking about configure Outbound NAT, but on the source how I add a group of IPs? I guess I can't use aliases on Address field.
    I don't need load balance, if OPT1 is down the IPs isn't going use WAN.
    I hope I was clear enough to you guys help me.

    Best Regards,


  • No AoN is needed.
    Just create 3 aliases:
    Alias_only_WAN: containing all the IPs (or subnets,,, )
    Alias_only_OP1: containing all the IPs (or subnets, same format as above)
    Alias_balance: containing all the IPs (or subnets, same format as above)

    Then create 3 firewall rules on the LAN.
    Each rules uses one of the aliases as source, and the corresponding gateway.

  • I got your point.
    But if I add the rule to IP (example) use the gateway OPT1 it don't reach internet (ping and such). Any idea?

  • Nevermind.

    It's working now, I forgot to add DNS static routes.
    Thanks for the help Gruens.

  • GruensFroeschli
    can you help me with image upload ?

    im newbie  :'(  :'(  :'(  :'(

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