Multi-Wan with failover and bonding.

  • I've got 2 ISP connections and would like to bring them both into my pfSense firewall box. There ip's are assigned via DHCP and I have a internal network on the 192.168.1.x range.
    What I would like is to be able to combine the speeds of both ISP's during normal usage of the system but also have failover service so that if one of the ISP connections drop that the other activate ISP connection takes over without causing interruption in service for my customers.

    I also host servers on the LAN so I'll need to portforward from the WAN to the LAN as well so that my customers can reach my servers.

    Also I'd like to be able to update my domain with my current activate ip address during failover and bootup of the box.

    If this is possible how would I go about doing this ?


  • Is there no one that can help with this ?

  • What do you need help with?
    Yes what you want to do should be possible, with the exception of the dyndns.

    You cannot update your dyndns account with a new IP when the primary WAN fails.
    But IMO this should be fairly easy to do on the server itself.

  • Is there any code that can be modded for pfsense 1.2.x to get dyndns working the way I need it to?

  • Do you mean you want to write your own code to add to have this functionality?

    I'm not sure.
    I think the page: services_dyndns.php would be a start to look at.

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