Ideal hardware for PFSense?

  • Hello there, I just started using PFSense, which means I guess I just started using BSD also (I hope freebsd will be cooperative desktop as well hehe) but anywhos I just wanted to get an idea for the perfect pfsense-box, here is what I have:

    950mhz Celeron CPU
    MSI Motherboard
    256mb of PC-100 Ram
    6gb HDD
    4 Lan cards total, 1 onboard, 2 intel pci, and a realtek pci, all 10/100
    USB/Onboard everything is off

    This machine will be for some hardcore bittorrenting (Legal folks!) and general heavy traffic on a 20mbit Comcast connection, it seems to be using 20% memory while idle, i am enjoying this throughly considering my WRT-150n with DDWRT was junk (16mb ram and it was full in about 20 seconds of linux via torrents).

    Here was what I was planning on doing, let me hear your feedback on this:

    Upgrade CPU from 950 to 1.4ghz (I have the spare parts)
    Upgrade memory from 256 to 512mb (The boards max)

    Thanks in advance guys!

  • Specs look fine as it is.  Doesn't seem like you're going to run out of memory anytime soon unless the load through the machine is about to change.  Might want to consider swapping out the Realtek NICs for Intel NICs if you have the extra dough to spare though.

  • Thanks, I figured it was, and that realtek nic seems to work fine, the speedtest says 31,000kbits (31mbit) on that particular nic, if I stumble onto another intel card ill swap it.

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