Multi Wan without load balancing

  • Can I have two different WAN withput having to use load balancing?
    This is my set up:
    WAN: ADSL Where all the LAN users browse the web, OpenVPN
    OPT (DS0): This is a E1 which I use for my DMZ (Web servers, Mail Servers, CRM)

    Basically what I need to acomplish is that all the outside traffic to the web servers or the mail servers pass trough the firewall and then onto the DS0. But the regular users cannot use the E1 link. Just the ADSL.
    I have 4 NIC
    rl0: LAN (
    rl1: DMZ (
    rl2: TUN0 (DHCP)
    rl3: DS0 ( DW wich is a cisco router)

    Right now I have this working on FREEBSD with PF firewall I would like to move to pfsense, do you think that this can be acchieved with Pfsense?


  • short yes I have done it (with help from forum). as by default all traffic is denied that isnt allowed, hence the default lan allow all/any rule.

    here was my thread:,17032.msg88727.html#msg88727

  • Thank you very much, Ill configure it and post the out come.

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