Dhcpd+bind: ddns updates and etc

  • Hi team,
    first - thanks a lot for great work! pfsense is really useful product  :)

    I need use bind instead of TinyDNS (this is just corporate standard) and need its internal zones dynamically updated by dhcpd..
    But it is not possible (by default) to add necessary configuration to /var/dhcpd/etc/dhcpd.conf via GUI, something like next:
    key pfsensekey {
      algorithm hmac-md5; 
      secret <here is="" some="" key-md5-stuff="">;
    zone dhcp.my.zone.com. {
      key  pfsensekey;
    zone 10.168.192.in-addr.arpa. {
      key  pfsensekey;

    Is it possible to add this functionality  in right  way (I mean normal development process)?  Currently to get this done I had to modify two files (/etc/inc/services.inc and /usr/local/www/services_dhcp.php) and use things from  <dnsupdate>config.xml  section… ( <keyname>and <keydata>)

    ..it was quite funny actually, because I'm not php-developer at all  :) Definitely you guys can do that in much much more smart manner. (can supply my ugly drafts if you want :) just for fun)

    also it would be  great to be able configure such things like dhcpd "space" and "class" via GUI... currently I had to put next necessary things to dhcpd config via /etc/inc/services.inc again:

    option space MSFT;
    option MSFT.release-on-shutdown code 2 = unsigned integer 32;
    class "win-clients" {
    match if option vendor-class-identifier = "MSFT 5.0";
    send fqdn.server-update true;
    send fqdn.no-client-update true;
    vendor-option-space MSFT;
    option MSFT.release-on-shutdown 1;
    option domain-name "intra.my.zone.com.";

    SO , could you please help with all this stuff?</keydata></keyname></dnsupdate></here>

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