PFsense performance on a 1Ghz P3 with 512MB of RAM

  • As the title suggests. What should the performance be like on a machine with a 1Ghz P3 with 512MB of RAM and plenty of HDD space. (unsure of HDD and RAM speeds though.)

    I only ask because it is running, just things seem slow and sluggish at times. I have a 20mbps connection so its not that. The whole GUI just seems to slow down at times, when very minimal bandwidth is being used. I have squid installed but that is it.

    Also what sort of through put should a box of this spec support? I will be upgrading to 50mbps next week, I take it PFsense on a box of this spec should be fine? I dont have large amounts of rules and I dont know anything else that might be slowing it down?

    edit: Please excuse my ignorance and ignore my question about whether my box be powerful enough for 20/50mbps throughput as I have just seen "selection and sizing" on the home page. I do still have an issue of things feeling sluggish however.

  • Cable Connection? What modem?

    Try to ping your modem

    C:>ping -n 50 (assuming you have cable and this is the modems address) both with and without a large download taking place and see if there is a difference in results…

  • What NICs are in it?  Do you have traffic shaping enabled?  Is it a particular type of traffic that acts slow?

    I have systems with similar CPU/RAM that handle 30MB/s perfectly fine.  All of them use Intel NICs.  Depending on what you are doing, you could be running low on RAM or states (can verify on the system status page).  For any system that has multiple users behind it, 1GB of RAM is a good minimum config.

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