2.0-ALPHA FBSD 8 - can't create ppp link - where's mpd?

  • Hello All,
    I've installed the nanobsd snapshot of 2.0 based on FreeBSD 8.0 from 20091019-1122 on my ALIX board.

    I'm trying to do some preliminary testing with a PPP link over an GPRS/HSPA modem connection. I can see that the webgui and interfaces.inc code hasn't been updated to create the ppp link with mpd, but when I ssh to the pfSense box and type 'mpd' at the command prompt it replies with "mpd: Command not found."

    I'd like to help you guys get this set up and running. How about providing a build were the mpd binaries/packages etc. are included?


  • Get a new snapshot some new code was added for this.

  • Will the new code do connects to ISP via PPPOE too? Since more than one month no ISP-connects possible due to no mpd4 in pfsense 2 on 8.0.
    I've been looking thru packages over the whole snapshot-server, no mpd in any package.

    I want to test with "reallife-connects" via PPPOE…

  • PPPoE should be fixed on snapshots later than this post.

  • Hi


    PPPoE should be fixed on snapshots later than this post.

    The last snap I see is 20-Oct-2009 04:30 and your post is on 21-Oct-2009, can you once again wake builder up pls???

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There were some problems with patches not applying, but they appear to have been cleared up. New images are building now, last I heard.

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