Don't get VIP working

  • I just started with pfSense, and didn't get my other public IP's working.

    In the past  used a windows router, and there i entered my other 5 IP into the extended IP Config, and the old Firewall could NAT thme and Port Forward them

    In pfSense, i tried to put them in VIP with Proxy ARP and other.
    I also tried a simple 1:1 Nat for testing, but didn't get it working.

    Ma default IP is
    the other are 169.66, 169.67, 169.68

    on the WAN i entered xx.yy.169.65/4 and the other with xx.yy.169.68/32

    The server runs in a VMWare Server2.0 will than ported to a ESX Server

    Can anybody point me to the right direction?


  • Try it on a real box, if that works post in the virtualization forum.

  • Is it correct, that i set up the VIP as Other
    and the main WAN as y.y.169.65/4 ?

  • I doubt that your wan connection has a /4 subnet mask. That's something like 270 million addresses in your subnet. A /29 would seem more correct. xx.yy.169.64/29 would be 65-70 usable.
    CARP VIPs need to be created with the correct subnet mask. e.g. xx.yy.169.66/29
    Proxy ARP VIPs use a /32 mask. I think 'other' VIPs use a /32, but I haven't used them in a while. Other type VIPs may not work for you depending on how the provider routes the IPs to you. Stick with CARP or Proxy-arp unless you have a compelling reason to use other vips.

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