Linking / connecting VSAT VPN and Pfsense Gateway to one lan

  • Hello All,

    We have a HeadOffice (different lan) and a Remote BranchOffice (different lan).
    We have a VSAT internet connection at both offices, respectively, independent of each other.

    We wish to link both offices via a fresh VSAT Satallite connection over or through VPN tunnel, by implementing SCPC; so Remote BranchOffices can access ERP software being hosted on a server at HeadOffice.
    The linking / connecting of the two offices through VPN will require additional VSAT installations on both sites, which will be soley for VPN and no internet, as there is internet connectivity through the existing VSAT installations at both sites.

    At both Remote Office and HeadOffice I have Pfsense as Gateway servers, for the internet connections.
    When the new VSAT installation meant soley for VPN is installed, how can i tie it into the LAN at both location; so that the Remote BranchOffices can access the ERP application hosted at HeadOffice, through the new VPN satellite link and still maintain their seperate LANs and internet connections.

    Please, a detailed explanation will be appreciated.

    Please, note that i have tried the inbuilt Pfsense VPN for site to site connectivity through the internet, but due to poor latency and connectivity over internet, i opted for this new option.

    Thank you in advance.



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