Netgear switch constantly showing up in DHCP logs

  • Hey folks,

    I've got a Netgear FS726T switch that keeps asking for the IP address of for some strange reason. I know that someone has this switch as I saw a how-to on VLANs under pfSense and they used this same switch. I have the switch setup to ask for a dynamic address and it has a valid one of and the subnet is good with It's plugged into my LAN interface bge1 and everything works just fine. It's just that i'm wondering why there are mass amounts of these entries in my DHCP log.

    Oct 20 16:01:13 	last message repeated 19 times
    Oct 20 15:54:37 	last message repeated 6 times
    Oct 20 15:52:32 	dhcpd: DHCPREQUEST for from 00:1b:2f:b8:a3:92 via bge1: unknown lease

    Any light that you good folks can shed on this would be most appreciated.


  • I use this switch, but i never saw the behaviour you describe.

    Why do you want that the switch gets its IP by DHCP?
    IMO network infrastructure should have static IPs. (Servers, switches, APs, etc.)

  • I don't really care if it's dynamic or static, it's just that it came out of the box being setup to get a dynamic IP and I didn't see much reason to change that. I guess if I assign it a static that will get rid of the issue. I was just hoping to find out why it keeps asking for a address. Thanks.


  • sounds like a bug in the netgear firmware.

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