HAVP streaming media

  • I've got HAVP antivirus working as transparent in front of squid and squidguard.  It's running great except for streaming media sites like utube.  On these sites there is a long delay and then the media starts. It's almost like it's waiting for the whole file to download before it lets the stream start.  I've always thought it was squid/squidguard, but I decided to disable the antivirus and now sites like utube are almost instant in starting.  I did have the scan streaming media unselected.  Anyone have any issues with this setup?

  • Same here…..If you set Scan max file size in Havp to a lower value it will start the video faster. If set higher, the delay is longer. I'm not sure if this is by design or an issue. Havp is mainly for small exploits and not usually for large files. I find that setting max scan file size to 2000-2500K is adequate for me.

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