MTU help

  • I hope someone can help, Ive been reading the forums now for a few days and see a few people with the same problem as me, but cant quite fix it.

    I have a lenova m58 with marvel onboard network card, and a intel 1000 i added.
    This connects via pppoe to my broadband using a Draytek Vigor 110 as a pppoe - pppoa bridge.

    Everything seems fine, but I seem to get packet loss on html pages on my clients.
    If i ping the webpage the responses are fine.
    It just sits at a white page and doesnt open the webpage.

    My question is, how do i find the sweet MTU, as this seems to resolve it for most people.
    Ive tried 1450 1400 1000 and keep getting the same results. Most pages are fine, just 30% of websites seem to just display a white page.

    Any info would be greatly appriciated.


  • Do some ping tests. Set it to not fragment, then try with various size packets.

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