No Virtual IP with PPPoE Device

  • Hi,

    I can't assign a Virtual IP on a PPPoE Device
    (Enable Dial-On-Demand mode is set)

    The message in the Virt IP Section is:

    * The VDSL4IPSUB IP address may not be used in a virtual entry.

  • You are trying to assign to the vip the same ip as the pppoe interface.

    This is just pilot error!

  • No, my VDSL Line has a Modem/Router IP X.X.X.X with a 8 IP Range X.X.Y.1 to X.X.Y.8

    I will NAT X.X.Y.1 port 80 to DMZ 192.168.X.1 and X.X.Y.2 port 80 to DMZ 192.168.X.2

    I wish to add the X.X.Y.'s adresses as Virtual IP's

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