Problem with SMTP in PFSENSE.

  • Message I get: The remote SMTP service does not support TLS.
    What can this be?

    Tiago Holmes

  • Well…. couldn't it mean that the SMTP server you're trying to access doesn't support TLS ?

  • Just what is going on with this e-mail that I try to send out the company for gmail, hotmail, yahoo. And with another firewall that is not happening.

  • I kind of cannot believe that the firewall has any impact on if you can access a SMTP server that doesnt support TLS or not.

    What email client are you using?
    Have you tried to disable "requires TLS" in the mail-account settings?

  • I use the email account of the company, and the Endian Firewall emails usually follow with TLS, and when you put in the air PFSense gives this problem.

    Did not try to make the TLS do not wish to take, wanted to work with the TLS + pfSense as well as work with Endian.

  • I happily use TLS with SMTP through pfSense so it's not a platform problem but something to do with your network.

    What other changes have you made?  Do you have a Cisco firewall anywhere?  What software is telling you the SMTP server doesn't support TLS and why do you believe it does?

  • because the emails are not coming, and the Endian leave. I don't have the Cisco firewall.

  • The "Endian leave" what?

    If on your local network you telnet to port 25 on your mail server and send an ehlo command:

    telnet mailserver 25

    What do you get in reply?  If you repeat that from outside your pfSense firewall (or from it), what do you get?

  • We had similar problems that plagued us for a long time.  Eventually traced it back to a failing network jack on XO's on premises router.  We had them swap our config to the other jack, and life has been good since.

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