IPSEC between Pfsense and windows client

  • Could someone, please, explaind how to connect (and configure) a ipsec client (some software) and pfsense ?? I have it working now with PPTP but I think it is not very secure, not???

    Thanks in advance

  • IPSEC is more secure than PPTP however PPTP should fit most peoples needs as well (depends how secure you need it to be). PPTP is supported out of the box by Windowsversions past 2k. IPSEC is somehow supported as well but doesn't have a frontend for easy configuration. You usually need some kind of client application at your Windows machine. Depending on this application the configuration might vary. There are not many free clients but check http://pfsense.com/index.php?id=33 for 2 possible candidates. Also http://shrew.net/?page=software might work but haven't tested it yet.

  • Thank you, I will try, but could someone explainds his experiences (soft and configuration (in pfsense and in the soft))?????

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